5037742640_dfa6912933_zSonoma County at a Glance

Sonoma County’s homelessness per 1,000 residents rate remains one of the highest in the nation and much work remains.

  • There are almost 3,000 homeless people in Sonoma County.
  • 84% of those experiencing homelessness are from Sonoma County.
  • Approximately two out of three homeless people are without any emergency or transitional shelter. That means that two-thirds of the homeless population are living on the streets.
  • 56% of Sonoma County homeless have been homeless for a year or more.
  • 44% reported a disability condition.
  • In 2011 4,539 were homeless, in 2018 there are 2,995 homeless.
  • 91% of 104 homeless families with 339 members are sheltered.

Source: 2018 Sonoma County Homeless Point-In-Time Survey Census.