We ride because others aren’t able to. We ride bicycles because bicycles are a major form of transportation for homeless people. We are riding our bicycles down the Pacific Coast to help bring greater awareness and resources for those less fortunate than we are.

Sonoma County’s homelessness rate per 1,000 residents remains one of the highest in the nation. Code Blue Sonoma brings support and awareness to the problems of homelessness during winter weather through our Winter Weather Project. Our fundraising event is the Code Blue Bike Ride, which helps us finance our efforts.

Housing First continues to be the focus. This approach prioritizes people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. This approach is guided by the belief that people need basic necessities like food and a place to live before attending to anything less critical, such as getting a job, budgeting or attending to substance use issues. There is growing evidence that continues to demonstrates and support this as an effective solution to homelessness. However, after the devastating October fires, there are 5,200 fewer houses in Sonoma and Napa Counties.

Much work remains. So in 2016 we started a campaign and rode our bicycles  across America. Yes, you read that right. We rode 4,469 miles and told others about our mission. Many didn’t want to ride across America but wanted to join the effort. On October 15, 2016 Code Blue Bicycle Event was held in Sonoma County with approximately 100 bicyclist who raised $8,500 which was invested to help homeless people in our community. We hope you will join us in our efforts to help the homeless. We started our bicycle adventure on June 5th, 2018 near Port Angeles, Washington and rode down the Pacific Coast. We followed the Pacific Coast and ended up on July 18th at the Mexican Border. If you are unable to ride, we hope you will consider donating to Catholic Charities – Code Blue to Help End Homelessness in Sonoma County.

Learn more about the Homelessness in Sonoma County.