Time To Start

Time to promote this year’s “Code Blue” bicycle event. Time to officially open registration and time for some of us to start training.

Never To Late To Train

Time to get serious about training for RAGBRAI. There are always reasons not to train. I know I can’t wait for Google to mass produce a self-riding bicycle. Even with the strange  winter storm yesterday, I need to start training. So maybe after I watch the Warriors and Cavs basketball game. Of course it will be to dark to ride tonight. But the excuses have to end and training must begin. In little over a month, Code Blue Team Sonoma leaves Sonoma County for our bicycle ride across Iowa. It’s time to train, it’s past time. So tomorrow the training will begin. Really, I really will begin training. But that’s tomorrow and now it’s time to sit back on the sofa and watch the Warriors.



The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is an amazing non-competitive week long bicycle adventure across Iowa (July 23 – July 29). It is the largest bike touring event in the world with over 8,500 participating. Code Blue Team Sonoma will be represented with local cyclists: Paula Shimizu, Fred Leoni, Don Keylon, Tom Saylor and Ed Buonaccorsi.

KOWS – Community Radio


Richard Ruge with Skip Jirrels hosts a radio broadcast covering different community interest stories. Richard is part of the West County Homeless Advocates who encourages and inspires others to be informed on community issues and challenges. On May 7th KOWS scheduled a talk show related to the Code Blue Bicycle Event on October 14th and homelessness in Sonoma County.