Sometimes we need to take time off. Take time to recover after a long ride. After the devastating fires in Sonoma and Napa Counties there isn’t time to take off. It is time to move forward and recover. Time to help others, time to get involved while taking time to be thankful.

Code Blue Bicycle Event is Cancelled

Our community has experienced unprecedented fires and devastation.This year’s Code Blue Bicycle Event for October 14th has been CANCELED for 2017.  We sincerely appreciated that you registered for this event and for your support. If you are willing to donate your registration fee, we greatly appreciate your donation that will benefit our homeless community. If you desire a refund, please let us know.

It’s Time To Ride

Every weekend there are so many great events to participate in. Next week, Saturday October 14th is our bicycle ride to help benefit those people who are homeless in Sonoma County. I hope you will join us and participate in this year’s event. If you’re unable to ride this year, please consider dropping off donations including: sleeping bags, jackets, tarps, socks, checks . . .

Levi GranFondo

The best of the best, Levi’s GranFondo is September 30th. This is by far the best bicycle event for experience bicyclists in the Nation. There are eleven different routes from 8 miles to over 100 miles. Code Blue is still a great event, but it is geared to encourage family and other bicyclists to participate in one of three fairly flat routes that include 8 mile, 18 mile and a 55 mile course.


Is There A Family Friendly Bicycle Ride?

RAGBRAI 2017 is over and we’ll have to wait for next year before we can bicycle across Iowa. So what’s next? Is there a local family friendly ride that normal folks can ride? You bet there is, and it’s on October 14th. Starting from Catholic Charities at 9:30 am in the morning you bicycle along Joe Rodota Trail for an 8 mile ride or 18 mile ride will take you down the Santa Rosa Creek Trail. The two rides are flat and kind to everyone. There’s also a wonderful BBQ after the ride with Jennielynn’s famous Root Beer Floats.

411 Miles


RAGBRAI is the oldest, largest and longest recreation bicycle touring event in the world. This year was one of the shortest with the fewest climbs in RAGBRAI 45 year history. However, the last day we still climbed 3,200 feet over the last 44.8 miles and finished in the small town of Lansin, Iowa. Iowans are incredible and a special thanks to Les Keune who allowed us to park our vehicle at his home in Lansin the week before. We were able to finish our ride, shower, load-up and start our adventure back home without having to take the long 6 hour bus ride back to the start town of Orange City. On our way home we stopped by Sioux Falls (Fred Leoni caught a flight home), Mt Rushmore, Devils Tower, Rawlins (for the most incredible dinner at the Aspen House Restaurant), Dinosaur Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Elko and Lake Pyramid. Team Sonoma began  our adventure on July 14th and we returned to Sonoma County on August 2.

RAGBRAI and more


On our way to RAGBRAI we traveled through Manzanar (WW II Japanese Internment Camp), Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Fort Collins . . . Finally we arrived in Orange City, Iowa and started riding our bicycles on Sunday, July 23 with over 20,000 of our closest bicyclist friends. There were long lines every where; from bathrooms lines to food lines, to large log jams in most of the towns we passed through.




Time to hit the road. Team Sonoma left for RAGBRAI (The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) Friday, July 14th.

Skaggs Spring Climb


Code Blue Team Sonoma celebrated July 3rd. with a ride up Skaggs Spring Road. About two miles into the climb I remembered why I avoid Skaggs Spring Road. We rode 7 miles up and then turned around. It was a great downhill; almost coasted the whole way to the Dry Creek Store (Healdsburg) where we re-grouped. Thank goodness, there won’t be any hills like that in Iowa (RAGBRAI).

Team Sonoma

Code Blue Team Sonoma is training for RAGBRAI (The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). As part of Satursday’s training we rode our bicycles to the Penngrove Rancho Adobe Firefighters Association Annual Pancake Breakfast. Part of any  balance training program includes eating. With fuel in our bellies we rode back to the Town of Windsor and finished the day in Santa Rosa.