The funds raised are critical because they are unrestricted. This type of funding allows Catholic Charities to better meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness with flexible funding. Last year the unrestricted funds raised paid for critical supplies during cold and wet winter months (i.e. tarps, blankets, socks, pocket warmers, gloves, hats, etc.). This was in addition to the distribution of donated coats, sleeping bags and other items collected. Funds raised last year had been used for much needed operational supplies (propane, patio heaters, hand-warmers, bus tickets, etc.). All proceeds are used to directly address the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness and living on streets in Sonoma County. Any funds not used are carried-over to fund winter outreach efforts the next winter. Please send your check directly to Catholic Charities Family Support Center, 465 “A” Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Please mark in your check memo field “Code Blue” ; this option allows Catholic Charities Code Blue to receive 100% of your donation by check.

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