Code Blue Investment

Code Blue Bicycle Event supports those living on the street by providing flexible program funding to expand critical outreach services during cold nights and wet weather. The Code Blue Bicycle Event funding is critical because it is unrestricted. This type of funding allows Catholic Charities to better meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness with flexible funding that other funding sources do not allow.

The first year the event provided unrestricted funding that paid for critical supplies during winter months (i.e. tarps, blankets, socks, pocket warmers, gloves, hats, etc.). This was in addition to the distribution of donated coats, sleeping bags and other items collected during the event. Funds were also used for operational supplies (propane, heaters, bus tickets, etc.). Funds not used carried-over to help fund next year’s start-up efforts.

The funds were invested to help support winter and weather related expanded services. As the need for warming stations increased due to record setting rain, funds were critical in helping to not only alleviate suffering, but also provided service engagement opportunities during expanded service nights. Catholic Charities also purchased supplies in the fall for the winter months (i.e. tarps, blankets, socks, pocket warmers, gloves, hats, etc.), and a new bike rack to help encourage individuals to engage in seasonal shelter services by leaving their bicycles safe and secure.

Funding was also used to help fund the staff/volunteer operations during expanded winter services.  Our drop-in service center operated 24 hours during periods of expanded service, which stopped when funding was depleted the end of February. 

What does it cost to help our homeless?

Code Blue is a charity helping the homeless and your support is much needed, especially in the winter when cold temperatures put people at risk.  It takes approximately:

  • $35 to purchase a durable rain coat for a homeless man or woman to stay dry
  • $75 to purchase durable winter outerwear for a homeless man or woman
  • $110 to purchase a tent and sleeping bag to bear the cold nights outside
  • $250 to house a homeless man or woman for a week
  • $375 to house a homeless family for a week

Donate by mail

Please mail your gift to:

Catholic Charities – Family Support Center
465 “A” Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

(707) 542-5426

Please write your check to “Catholic Charities – Family Support Center” and indicate “Code Blue” in the memo field.