Wheand where?

We left Santa Rosa on June 2rd., drove to Port Angeles, Washington. The bicycle adventure started on June 5th from Port Angeles. Bicyclists rode towards the Pacific Coast and continued their adventure down the Pacific Coast to the Mexican Border.

What was the course?

The course started from Port Angeles, Washington on June 5th. We rode into Santa Rosa’s Catholic Charities Family Support Center at 465 “A” Street late afternoon on June 26th. The bicycle course included over 1,750 miles. The rough schedule is below:

Why are you riding?

We’re fortunate to have so much, there are many that have so little. We believe this event will help bring greater awareness and resources to those who are less fortunate.

Can we follow your bicycle ride?

We rode our bicycles across America in 2016 (about 4,500 miles). We used similar methods as we did in 2016 by updating our website’s course map, updating the “Updates” (in the main menu) and with the use of individual Facebook accounts.

Could we have ridden with you?

Yes. We welcomed other bicyclists to join us for the day or longer or just drive-by to say “Hi”. Bicyclist who join us were self-funded and self-supported. Several bicyclists joined the adventure for several days.

Where does my donation go?

All funds and donations go directly to Catholic Charities – Family Support Center and homeless programs. Those riding their bicycles were totally self-funded and self-supported. Each bicyclist paid their own way and carried their own clothing, tent, sleeping bag, tools, food . . . On average, over 50 miles were ridden each day with a few breaks. We’ll mostly camped under the stars and located places with showers and food along the way. This was in contrast to our 2016 ride across America which included showerless days with several showersless days in a role.

I’d like to do something, who should I contact?

Terrific! Every day there are opportunities to help Catholic Charities Family Support Center, Sam Jones Homeless Shelter and other organizations/programs. If you are unable to volunteer, we hope you’ll consider donating to one of the many Catholic Charities – Homeless programs. Please contact:

Jennielynn Holmes
Catholic Charities – 465 “A” Street, Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 542-5426