Troubling Statistic

Manuel Santiago (52 year old Pomo Indian) Homeless in Southwest Santa Rosa Photo: Christopher Chung-Press Democrat

Jennielynn Holmes, Director of Shelter and Housing for Catholic Charities, said this year’s local homeless count identified a troubling statistic among those experiencing chronic homelessness. That population grew 25 percent, jumping from 598 in 2017 to 747. That number of chronically homeless ranked the county third nationally among largely suburban areas behind Orange County and Honolulu County. Among largely suburban U.S. communities, the size of the Sonoma County’s adult homeless population ranked second between Orange County, 3,790, and Honolulu County, 2,905. Rounding out the top five in the largely suburban category, this county had more homeless adults than in St. Petersburg/Pinellas County, Florida, 2,235, and Riverside County, 2,087. Press Democrat April 11, 2019

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