3 death of homeless people tied to storm-swollen streams.

The most recent annual census, from a count conducted a year ago, found 3,000 people were homeless in Sonoma County, a 6% increase, with housing fallout from the 2017 fires expected to continue to push more people into homelessness. Almost 2,000 people are without shelter in the county on any given night . . . so the recent string of storms has led to noticeably greater strain on those in regular contact with outreach workers. Many lack the basic resources that would allow them to know what weather lies ahead leaving them even more exposed at this time of year, according to Jennylynn Holmes of Catholic Charities.

Russian River Flooding Feb. 19, 2019

The Press Democrat – Staff Writer Will Schmitt (02/19/19) Three homeless men have died since the start of the year in or near Sonoma County waterways swollen by storms, with two of the deaths reported early this week, underscoring the dangers already vulnerable unsheltered populations faces during the north bay we winters. . . The three bodies were found after heavy rains transformed streams through the county into surging, brown torrents, imperiling homeless people who seek refuge along their wooded banks . . . Overall, since Jan. 1 seven homeless people have died according to an unofficial tally complied by Catholic Charities. The other four deaths do not appear to be weather-related.

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