Halloween is a time to be seen

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Some bicyclists prefer to wear dark color clothing. Great for hiding the grease but dark colors blend quite nicely with the longer nights. Unfortunately blending in with the dark nights isn’t a good thing for any bicyclist.

I have lights, lots of flashing lights (one on and one spare incase one run lows on battery power). The minimal rear tail light is 65 lumens that flashes. I prefer the 150 to 200+ lumens rear flashing light with a minimal 600 lumen front light on my bicycle. Of course, always wear your helmet, day or night. I also have a helmet with a built-in flashing rear lights with flashing front lights too. I usually use the helmet lights for evening or night riding.

I find that wearing bright color clothes greatly improves my visibility too. Wearing dark colors might seem cool, but I rather be seen this Halloween than becoming a real ghost. I wear bright colors, turn on my bicycle lights day or night and so far, so good.

This Halloween, and anytime, it’s better to be seen. So turn on your lights and wear bright color clothing (reflective even better for night).


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