Day to Celebrate

Yesterday we were too tire to celebrate. It was hot, we were sweaty, we had challenges finding the actual border and then packing up the bicycles and gear took some time. Angela (Paula’s daughter) and Rob (Paula’s future son-in-law) met us at the border. They allowed us to stay at their home last night. Great to enjoy a real shower, quite rooms, great conversation . . .  Thank-you Rob and Angela for your hospitality.

Today we started the drive home and took time to celebrate two wonderful events. First was for completing the Pacific Coast Trail bicycle ride yesterday. Second, Francis turned 70 today (UK 7-16 translated to California time 4:00 pm on 7-15). Francis is truly inspiring, not only for riding his bicycle at age 70 across American twice and not for just completing the Pacific Coast Trail yesterday, but for dealing with his Type 1 diabetes. Francis would monitor his blood glucose levels throughout the day with a mechanic device attached to his arm.  When needed he would inject himself with insulin. Paula not only secured campsites while providing more than a dozen other support functions, but she also carried Francis’ insulin. Thank you Francis and Paula for sharing so much with me for the last 41 days (33 riding / 8 days off-travel). 



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